The Blackjack game is perhaps one of the most famous of all the casino games UK available online with a large amount of players enjoying the game over several hundred years. The game was invented in the 17th century in Spain before it evolved over the years and at the beginning of the 21st century the Americans discovered it. The Blackjack game was soon rolled out across all the casinos in America and it was a smash hit thanks to its simple format. The format places the player in a one on one contest with the dealer which is a challenging and fun battle for the player. The aim of the Blackjack game is to reach the card total of twenty one which is what the player and the dealer must both race towards. If either the player or the dealer goes over the twenty one figure then they go bust and lost their bet. The Blackjack game relies on both large amounts of luck and a good element of skill which is one of the reasons the game is so popular. The game measures a players judgment skills and their ability to rationally think out what the best way to proceed with their hand is.

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The Blackjack game has a simple set of rules that are easy and fast for a player to pick up and fully understand. The first rule of the Blackjack game is that no matter how many people are sat around the table the game is a one on one battle between the dealer and the player. The aim is for one of the two parties to get as close to the twenty one figure with their hand of cards as possible without going over that number. The format of the Blackjack game works by the player being dealt two cards and then on the strength of their hand have to decide what their next move will be. The value of the cards in the game is all face value but the J, Q, and K are all worth 10 and the A is worth 1 or 11. The player needs to remember these card values if they are to play the Blackjack game effectively and successfully. The options available to players after the initial two cards have been dealt include either hitting or standing. If the player stands they remain with the two cards that have been dealt to them and if they hit then they accept a third card.

The card game has three further options available to players and these options present an advantage to the player as they are not available to the dealer. The options include the split which can occur in the Blackjack game if the player has two of the same cards. The player can then split his hand into two and continue playing the game with two different hands active. The next option available to players in the Blackjack game is the ‘double down’ where they have the chance to double their stake after seeing their initial two cards. The player by agreeing to double down accepts that they will be dealt one more card and no more and this results in them have the chance to double their return. The final option that’s available exclusively to players in the Blackjack game is the ‘surrender’ option where players can after seeing their initial two cards retire from the hand. If players do this they will lose half of their stake meaning that it a useful option for players if they have a very week hand. The range of different options in the Blackjack game should all be remembered and utilized by the player if they want to play the game well.

The simple format and rules in the Blackjack game does not allow for too many playing strategies to be utilized. The main tactic that players should employee however is always using rational thinking as this means that players will stand the best possible chance of winning. One of the other very similar games to the Blackjack game is the live Baccarat game which involves the player taking on the dealer in a one on one game. The player in baccarat is also dealt two cards but the rules differ slightly as the target is another number and the winnings are worked out differently. These two card games offer players a great chance to win large amounts quickly and in a fun exciting manner. The Blackjack game is also available to players in a live version where players have the chance to play with a live feed linking them to a real casino. This is an amazing opportunity as players have a very authentic and realistic playing experience from the comfort of their own home. The Blackjack game is available to players at the Unibet casino where they have the opportunity to play in safe environment with a casino that is fully regulated.

The casino is regulated and confirmed as having a fantastic payout rate available to players which ensures they have a fair playing experience. The casino also has a fantastic customer support department which is able to assist players when they use the Blackjack game. The support department is all fully trained in the rules of the Blackjack game allowing them assist all players queries without any difficulty. This game is one of the easiest casino games for players to pick up and understand which means that players can fully enjoy the game with minimal instruction. The Blackjack game is offered to players with excellent visual and sound effect which presents the game very clearly and concisely. The conclusion of the Blackjack title is that it is excellent for players who want an exciting game where they test themselves one on one against the dealer. The game features simple rules and playing system which is easy for players to pick up and understand. The game has very simple tactics as a result of the straight forward set up but it needs players to adopt the right rational thinking mentality if they are to be successful.