The Cops and Robbers pub slot game is one of the most famous and successful of all the pub slots with a huge army of loyal fans who love the game. This example of a casino games UK firstly became very famous in pubs across the UK where people would play the fun slot with the intention of earning some extra beer money. The inception of the internet meant that the Cops and Robbers game was made available to players from the comfort of their own home. The games fun theme was one of the reasons for its huge success as a pub slot, as it features the age old famous battle between the cops and the robbers. The Cops and Robbers game places the player into the shoes of the robber who has just partaken in a dangerous robbery and is trying to transport the loot to a safe place. The Cops and Robbers games theme is an incredibly exciting one that players will really enjoy and appreciate the chance to participate in. If players would like a game with a similar theme then the Beat the Bank slot also features a daring bank robbery and the battle to safely transport the loot.

Play Cops and Robbers

The Cops and Robbers pub slot is delivered to players through excellent visual and sound effects which are very simple but also very effective. The slots visual effects comprise of the background, the title text, the reels and the symbols. The background of the Cops and Robbers game is a very colourful and busy display which is animated and looks fantastic. The display features a bank and jewelers on a busy main street with numerous different cheeky looking robbers stealing and running away from the scene. The robbers are all being chased by enthusiastic looking policeman creating a wonderful and very attractive display. The various symbols that are used in the Cops and Robbers game include the traditional symbols like the cherries, bars, lemons, melons and sevens. There are then the three themed symbols which are the police hat, robbers and handcuffs, all of these symbols are detailed in strong colours and with a quality cartoon effect. The title text in the Cops and Robbers game is displayed at the bottom left of the games main screen and includes handcuffs in the text. On each side of the text there is one cop and one robber who really enhance the delivery of the games theme.

The different visual parts of the slot combine brilliantly to create a very attractive and colourful looking game that players will love. The sound effects of the Cops and Robbers pub slot are one of the highlights of the game as they are brilliant and really enhance the delivery of the games theme. The sounds feature sirens ringing and the bonus round and winning line combinations all have a unique effect. The unique effect is a voice shouting out in a very English accent different funny quotes, an example is ‘come back here’. This is an excellent effect in the Cops and Robbers game that players will really enjoy and it enhances the games delivery of the theme greatly. The combination of the sounds and the colourful visual effects make the game incredibly exciting to play. One of the other games that have similar excellent effects is the other pub slot game, Joker 8000, which offers players a similar style of design. The game play of the Cops and Robbers game is excellent as it presents players with an exciting and straight forward style of play. The Cops and Robbers slot has only three reels and one win line which make it a very easy game for players to understand and play.

The main aim of the Cops and Robbers game is to line up three matching symbols across the three reels to win a payment. The various symbols in the game all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. The best symbol by a long distance for players to manage to line up in the Cops and Robbers game is three robber symbols as these pay a return of 500 credits. The Cops and Robbers game offers players the chance to hold the reels periodically when they spin the reels and this allows the player a good chance to create a winning line. The player in the Cops and Robbers game can also be awarded nudges where they have the chance to shift the reels up in order to bring winning symbols into the game. The combination of the nudges and holds makes the game a lot of fun to play and very involving and is one of the main reasons pub slots are so popular. The game features a main bonus round which is lots of fun and has the potential to be extremely lucrative.

The bonus feature in the Cops and Robbers game is activated when three bags of loot appear on the reels. The bonus when activated plays a special sound and loads into a new screen which is a fantastic effect. The bonus round in the Cops and Robbers game shows a ladder of fifty different squares in various flashing colours. The different squares all represent different prizes and the prizes increase in value the further up the ladder the player manages to reach. The player spins the dice and the robber figure races off over the flashing squares and is pursued by the copper. If the copper catches up with the robber figure then the bonus round ends instantly. The player can stop the bonus and collect the prize that they have managed to achieve or risk everything and continue playing. The top prize in the Cops and Robbers bonus round is excellent and the feature is hugely exciting and a lot of fun to play. In conclusion the Cops and Robbers game offers players a very simple slot game which has a quirky theme presented in great visual and sound effects. The game is available at the Ladbrokes casino along with a whole host of other excellent titles for players to enjoy.