The Deal of no Deal slot game is a brilliant recreation of the hugely popular television series starring Noel Edmonds on channel four. The program has been a smash hit since its launch and the daily show has huge viewer numbers making is a great option to be made into a casino games UK. The Deal or no Deal show involves a contestant being selected and given a box containing an amount of money inside. The contestant is then shown numerous other boxes and they play a game which involves eliminating the other boxes which all contain cash amounts. The Deal or no Deal television program stars a banker who telephones the player periodically during the game to offer him money to buy his box and the cash figure inside. The players choice of weather to deal or not to deal is the main part of the game and tests a players patience and decision making skills. The Deal or no Deal slot gives players a brilliant chance to play a game that based on a hit television show and fans of the program will love the game. If players would like to play a game with a different theme they should try the excellent Heist game which features a bank robbery.

The visual and sound effects that are used to deliver the Deal or no Deal game to players are fantastic as they very accurately recreate the famous television program. The games effects are so accurate that players will image that they are actually walking out onto the studio competing for the chance to win the game’s biggest prize. The visual effects of the Deal or no Deal slot comprise of the background, the symbols and the title text. The background of the slot is a purple and black colour showing bricks which very accurately portray the studio the program is filmed in. The symbols that are used in the Deal or no Deal game are very traditional and include the fruits, the cherries, lemons and melons and the J, Q, K and A. The other symbols in the game include three different coloured 7’s and three different coloured bar symbols. These symbols are all presented in crystal clear clarity with bright and vibrant colours that look fantastic on the screen. There two themed bonus symbols in the Deal or no Deal game that are designed in the style of the red boxes that appear on the television show.

The title text in the Deal or no Deal game is a direct recreation of the shows famous logo and reminds players of the show. The combination of all the different visual effects works really well at delivering the games television show theme. The sounds that are played are taken from the television program and this is an effect that fans of the show will love. The overall combination of the sounds and visual effects work brilliantly at delivering an attractive and very enjoyable game to players. The Deal or no Deal game has excellent game play and offers players some great bonus features as well a fast flowing pace. The format of the slot is a five reels and twenty win lines game giving players numerous different chances to win. The Deal or no Deal slot game is a progressive jackpot game which is similar to the Mega Fortune slot giving players an amazing chance to win a life changing sum of money. The player can alter their win line selection to give them more or less chances of winning which also makes the spin more or less expensive. The bonus rounds available in the Deal or no Deal game are excellent as they offer numerous different exciting chances for players to win.

The first of the bonus rounds in the Deal or no Deal game is the excellent mystery box bonus which is activated when the player manages to spin three bonus boxes onto the screen at once. The bonus in the Deal or no Deal game if triggered loads into a new screen which display’s fifteen different boxes to the player. The player then has to choose from these boxes which contain eleven cash prizes and one ‘win all’ box. If the player selects an empty box then the bonus round is ended and if the player manages to select the win all box then they win all eleven prizes. The bonus round is full of suspense and is very exciting as it can be extremely lucrative for players. The overall aim for players in Deal or no Deal slot is to line up three, four of five of the same symbols across the win line. The more symbols that a player manages to line up means the more money is awarded and the different symbols all pay out differing amounts. The prize amounts that can be won in the Deal or no Deal slot can be seen in the games pay table which clearly displays all the relevant information to players.

The second excellent bonus up for grabs in the Deal or no Deal game is the completely random bonus which can be awarded to a player at any time. The bonus involves the phone ringing with a cash offer from the banker for the next winning spin of the reels. The player has the choice to either to accept the offer or decline it and see what the next spin of the reels is. This bonus really tests a player’s judgment as their decision greatly affects their prize fund in the Deal or no Deal game. The final bonus available to players in the Deal or no Deal game is the progressive jackpot feature which is activated by the player spinning in three of the symbols on the screen at once. The progressive jackpot amount is constantly displayed to players in the Deal or no Deal game at the top of the games main screen. The feature when activated displays to players several boxes that they have to choose between and the right choice can lead to a huge prize being awarded. This excellent game is available to players at the Ladbrokes casino which also offers numerous other great games.