The Fruit Party slot game is one of the finest examples of a fun slot game that is exploding with entertaining bonus features to keep players amused. The theme of the Fruit Party game is one centered on various animated fruits attending a disco party which an outrageous and very entertaining concept. This fun concept is highly enjoyable and perfect for players wanting a lively and lighthearted slot game. The various fruits that are shown in the Fruit Party game are the staring characters and are shown with cocktails having a great time. The fun theme of the Fruit Party slot game is one of the most entertaining of all the slots on the market and is available for players to enjoy at the Party Casino. The Party Casino is very similar to the 888 Casino and the other casinos recommended in this guide as it offers players a very advantageous pay out rate. The casinos as well as the excellent payout rates offer great customer support departments who are available twenty four hours of the day and seven days of the week. These departments are able to assist with players queries and help them with anything they may need in regards to playing the slot.

The fun theme in the Fruit Party game is brought to life with excellent visual and sound effects that create a very lively and upbeat atmosphere. The visual effects of the slot consist of the background which is a mixture of five different bright party colours including purples, greens and reds. The bright colours in the background fuse together brilliantly and show disco balls spinning to create a great looking slot. The symbols used in the Fruit Party slot include strawberries, pomegranates, watermelon, oranges, pineapple, banana, pear, grapes and cherries. These symbols are all drawn in very bright colours and have cartooned animated faces that add fun personalities to the different fruit characters. The other symbols that can be found in the Fruit Party game are the various bonus symbols which are the gift box, lemon and the logo symbol. These different bonus symbols are presented in equally bright colours to the regular symbols and look great. The title text of the Fruit Party game is a visual highlight of the slot as it is written in five different colours in a funky font and is surrounded with stars. The different visual effects in the game combine nicely to create a very attractive slot that is very pleasing on the player’s eyes.

The sound effects of the Fruit Party game are in keeping with games fun theme and are different quirky electronic tones. The games funky electronic tones help to contribute to a fun and vibrant playing atmosphere that players will really enjoy. The combination of the visual and sound effects creates a first class playing atmosphere that users who want a lighthearted and fun game will love. The game play of the Fruit Party game is excellent as it offers players a fast flowing slot format with an interesting selection of bonus rounds. The format of the Fruit Party game is a five reel and twenty win line game offering the player a large amount of choice of their win line selection. The more win lines that a player chooses to spin the reels with means the more chance they have of winning. The less win lines selected means the less chance of winning a player has and the cheaper the spin is. The player needs to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across a win line to create a winning line combination. The different symbols in the Fruit Party game all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table.

The bonus rounds in the Fruit Party game include the wild, scatter and gift box features. These different bonuses all offer players a very different playing experience and chance to win as they all have very different functionality. The wild bonus is represented by the logo symbol which has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board apart from the lemon or the gift box. This symbol by having the power to swap can dramatically increase player’s chances of winning making it an excellent feature. The next bonus available to players in the Fruit Party game is the scatter feature which is represented by the lemon symbol. If the player manages to spin three lemons onto the screen at once they activate the feature which is up to twenty four free spins. If the player spins in three lemons to the screen in the Fruit Party game then they win 8 free spins, four lemons awards the player with 16 free spins and five results in twenty four free spins. The final bonus up for grabs in the Fruit Party game is the gift box feature which offers players a fantastic chance to win large amounts.

The gift box feature in the Fruit Party game is activated by the player managing to spin in three of the gift box symbols from the left to the right across the win line. The player when they manage to do this activates the feature which loads into a new screen and presents the player with six different boxes. The player in the Fruit Party game must randomly select one of the boxes which reveal a prize to the player. The gift box feature is an excellent bonus that players will really enjoy due to its excellent high prize giving potential. The combination of the different bonuses makes the Fruit Party game a very playable and enjoyable experience for players. The overall conclusion of the Fruit Party game is that it offers a very fun and lively themed slot which is perfect for players who want a lighthearted playing experience. This slot game is a fine example of an excellent casino games UK as it offers players great winning potential and a fun experience. If players wish to try another form of casino games then the two excellent table games Roulette and Blackjack can be highly recommended.