The Heist slot game is one of the finest examples of a casino games UK as it presents players with an amazing theme, brilliant visual and sound effects and excellent game play. The slots incredible performance in all of these categories makes it one of the finest of all the games available online. The theme of the Heist game is set in England following one of the most successful bank robbers of all time. The bank robber is a professional criminal who goes by the name Neil Quailand who has been stealing large amounts without being caught for seven years. Detective Albert Kowalski has been living in Neil Quailand’s shadow trying to caught him for the seven years and has always been several steps away from success. The Heist game centre’s on Neil Quailands last job which he has been working towards for many years and is his retirement money as he plans to leave his life of crime behind. The last job is a nine million pound bank vault which Detective Albert Kowalski is desperate to stop happening and is his last chance to capture Quailand. The Heist game tells the story of this last bank job and if either Neil Quailand or Albert Kowalski will succeed.

The visual and sound effects of the Heist game are excellent as they feature lots of cinematic quality clips that looks fantastic on the screen. The style of the graphics is excellent as they are very stylish 3D designs that look excellent on the screen. The Heist game begins whilst loading with an excellent speech from a narrator explaining the story behind Kowalski and Quailand’s relationship. The background of the Heist slot is a silver vault which really enhances the games delivery of the theme and features the games buttons built into the vault background. The symbols used in the game are a visual highlight of the slot as they all include fantastic cinematic effects that are played when they create a winning line. The symbols include the Kowalski and Quailand characters, a bag of diamonds, piles of money, map of the vault, pistol, vault lock and stop watch. The bonus symbols in the Heist game include the C4, glass cutters, and power drill and vault icons. These symbols are all designed in very sharp animation with bright colours that really stand out from the screen. The different symbols all perform unique 3D cinematic quality clips when they are involved in creating a win line which is an amazing effect.

The blue colour that’s used in title text font in the Heist game is a really good contrasting colour to the others on display in the slot which is a great effect. The combination of the symbols, title text and background creates a very visually appealing game that players will love. The quality of the cinematic effects are of the same high standard as the live feed that players can enjoy when playing the live Roulette or live Baccarat games. The sound effects that are used in the Heist game are excellent as there is a fantastic background sound track that creates a great and exciting atmosphere. The different winning line combinations in the Heist game all have their own unique sound affect that is sounded when a winning line is created. The sound effect is a direct recreation of the symbol that’s portrayed in the winning line for example if the pistols are involved a sound of a gunshot is played. The combination of the sound and visual effects make the Heist game a highly enjoyable slot that immerses players in its exciting theme. The game play of the slot is the most important factor as this controls how much a player can win and how easily this can be done.

The game play of the Heist game is of the highest possible standard and includes a slot format of five reels and thirty win lines. The high amount of win lines available to players gives players a large amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The different symbols in the game all pay out different winning amounts to players and these can be seen in the games pay table. The Heist game includes four excellent bonus features that can be unlocked to raise their prize fund, these include the glass cutter feature, scatter drills, wild reels and vault feature. The glass cutter feature in the Heist game can be unlocked by the player spinning in three glass cutter symbols across an active pay line. The player then has to choose one of these three glass cutter symbols to reveal one of three instant prizes. The next bonus available to players in the Heist game is the wild bonus which is represented by the C4 symbol. The C4 symbol has the power to create a winning line and if the symbol is involved in creating a winning line that line amount automatically doubles.

The scatter bonus in the Heist game is triggered by the power drills symbol. If the player manages to spin in three, four or five of these symbols into the screen then a bonus payment is awarded to the player. The final bonus in the Heist game is the vault bonus which can be activated by the player spinning in three vault symbols across a pay line. The vault bonus is an amazing feature which loads into a new screen and places players in the shoes of the Neil character breaking into the vault. The player needs to choose the method of entry into the vault and manage to steal the loot before the Detective arrives on the scene. The vault bonus in the Heist game can lead to excellent winnings for the player and is one of the most exciting of all the bonuses found in any slot game. The conclusion of the Heist game is that it offers players a fantastic storyline and presents it in a very stylish way which players will love. The game has excellent game play and is highly recommended, if players would prefer a much simpler game then the Joker 8000 is a good option.