The Hitman slot game is a brilliant recreation of a very famous computer game from massive software company Eidos. The computer game was hugely successful with an army of fans who played the game and loved the games main character, agent 47. Agent 47 was an international assassin who would receive targets, also known as hits, from a government body and would have to complete the task by killing them. The Hitman game soon grabbed the attention of Hollywood with a hit movie being made based on the computer game. The movie was an action paced spectacle featuring some of Hollywood’s brightest stars propelling the notoriety of the Agent 47 character through the roof. Agent 47 is specially trained with a variety of firearms and fighting techniques which make him a highly effective Hitman who is able to carry out difficult assignments. The theme of the Hitman game will really appeal to fans of the computer game or the film who will love the chance to play a slot based on this famous character. One of the other slot games that offer players the chance to play a game based on their favourite character is the excellent Hellboy game.

The Hitman slots visual and sound effects are quite simply brilliant as they manage to create a very atmospheric and dark environment that players will love. The slots visual appearance consists of three main visual elements these are the background, title text and the symbols. The background of this slot is a plain black colour which manages to create a very menacing environment and delivers the games dark theme. The symbols used in the Hitman game are one of the slots visual highlights as they use cinematic quality clips taken from the game which are fully licensed by Eidos making them very accurate. The symbols include agent 47’s collection of deadly weapons including knives, syringe, pistols, strangling wire and machine gun. The other symbols in the Hitman game include the 18 certificate, Laptop, piles of money and two different pictures of agent 47. The agent 47 symbols when spun into the winning line perform a cinematic clip which looks excellent in the game. The title text of the Hitman game looks great as it is written in a bullet silver colour and stands out really nicely from the page. The text also shows the agent 47 character standing behind it looking menacing which is a great effect.

The three different visual elements of the slot combine together really nicely to create one of the finest looking casino games UK. The sound effects that are used in the slot game are taken directly from the famous computer game and film. The background noise of the slot is very atmospheric and adds to the Hitman games dark playing environment. The different winning line combinations in the slot all have their own sound that is played to signify that they have been activated. These sounds are all different action themed noises including guns being fired and explosions happening. The Hitman game through its sound and visual effects creates a very dark playing environment and atmosphere that will enthrall players. The most important part of the Hitman slot is the game play that’s on offer to players this includes the bonuses that are available and the slots format. The format of the Hitman game is a five reel and fifteen win line slot which offers players a medium amount of flexibility. The more win lines that the player chooses to spin the reels with means the more chance they have of winning. If players would prefer a simpler game then the Cops and Robbers slot features only three reels and one win line making it very straight forward.

The bonus rounds that are available to players in the Hitman slot include the scatter, wild and special mission features which all offer different chances for the player to win. The wild symbol is represented by the agent 47 character who is carrying two guns and this symbol has the power to swap with others to create a winning line. The overall aim for players in the Hitman game is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols from the left to the right across a win line. The different symbols in the game all pay out differing amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The scatter feature in the Hitman game can be triggered if the player manages to spin in three of the 18 certificate symbols onto the screen at once. The feature awards the player numerous win spins which are paid on a multiplier of two. The scatter and the wild bonus both offer players a fantastic chance to make good winnings in the game but the best bonus is the special mission feature. The special mission feature can result in huge winnings being paid to the player in the Hitman game and is the premier bonus for players to aim for.

The special mission feature can be activated by the player managing to spin in the laptop or the insignia logo onto the screen. This then transports players into a new screen which features fantastic cinematic quality effects showing a mission briefing. The mission briefing in the Hitman game shows the player the target that must be destroyed and the mission must be accepted. This is an incredibly exciting feature that players will love and has the potential to be highly lucrative for players. The overall conclusion of the Hitman game is that it offers players a fun and excellent chance to play a game based on a hit film and game. The slot game is a fine example of why casino games UK are very popular as the game is presented in wonderful visual and sound effects. The Hitman game is also very fast paced offering players a free flowing game with lots of different chances to win through the numerous bonuses. The special mission feature in the Hitman game is a unique bonus that’s available and is highly enjoyable due to the levels of excitement it creates.