The Joker 8000 game is one of the most recognizable pub slots in the world as the game was widely played in pubs across the globe. The inception of the internet led to the game being made available to players online and this was met with much happiness as the slot is a hugely popular smash hit title. The Joker 8000 pub slot is a game themed around the joker and jester character and the games appearance and bonus round all focus on this. The joker character is a famous figure from medieval times where the king would ask them to come in and entertain him and a hall full of his people. The medieval feel of the slot extends to the Joker 8000 game utilizing crowns and displaying them around the slot. The Joker is also a very famous playing card so the Joker 8000 game also follows this theme displaying playing cards all over the slot. If players are looking are looking for a game with a more intricate and involving theme then the Hitman game can be highly recommended. This game features a main character who is an international assassin and allows the player to play through the game in this very exciting and different role.

The visual and sound effects that are used to bring this casino games UK to life are very basic but also very effective. The Joker 8000 game was a pub slot and this is accurately recreated on the screen as the outline of the slot is clearly visible on the screen. The slots outline is clearly visible and the background behind this is blurred to emphasis the slot, the blurred background is the inside of a pub which is in keeping with the games pub slot theme. The Joker 8000 slot is wallpapered with red and black spades from a packet of playing cards which is a simple but very eye catching effect. The title text of the Joker 8000 pub slot is displayed at the bottom right of the screen in a gold bold font with a crown on top of the text. The crown and the gold font enhance the games royal and regal theme and look fantastic on the screen. The symbols in the Joker 8000 game include the three fruits, the lemons, cherries and melons which are all displayed in strong and vibrant colours. The other symbols in the game include the bars, crowns and jokers which are all detailed in a stylish cartoon drawing and bright colours.

The combination of the different visual elements of the Joker 8000 pub slot work together brilliantly well to create a very simple but authentic looking pub slot. The sound effects that are used in the Joker 8000 game are very simple electronic tones that are played every time the player spins the reels. The electronic tones are also played to symbolize when a win line has been created and when the bonus round has been activated. The sound and the visual effects when combined create an excellent playing atmosphere that players will really enjoy. The slots game play is fairly typical of a pub slot as it is simple and runs off only three reels and has five win lines. The slot unlike most pub slots including the Cops and Robbers game does not have nudges nor holds making is a very straight forward playing experience. The aim of the Joker 8000 game is to line three symbols up across the reels along any of the five win lines. The different symbols in the Joker 8000 slot all pay out different amounts to players and these various amounts can be seen across the top of the games main screen.

The best symbol for players to manage to line up is the joker as this gives the highest reward to the player. This is followed by the crown and then the bar symbol in the Joker 8000 slot. The game features a gamble bonus that is an optional bonus available to players after every winning spin of the reels. The player is shown two flashing cards and they have to select the right card to double or lose their winnings. This gamble bet is essentially a fifty / fifty one so players need to be confident about the luck and happy to take risks to commit to this bet. The Joker 8000 pub slot if played cleverly can result in great winnings for players and has one excellent bonus feature available. The bonus feature in the Joker 8000 game is called the super game and is available to players once they have accrued a minimum of 20 credits. The super game costs the player 20 credits every time they want to spin the reels in the Joker 8000 pub slot. The bonus can reward the player with excellent winnings and the joker symbol has special powers in this round.

The Joker 8000 special bonus round has amazing potential for players to win big and if the player manages to spin two jokers onto the screen they release more ways to win. The bonus round in the Joker 8000 game can reward a player with serious winnings and is the ultimate aim for players to focus on unlocking. The Joker 8000 slot is powered by Microgaming, the software company, who are a global market leader in creating some of the best games on the internet. If players want a slightly more complex game with more intricate bonus rounds than this slot then the Heist game is highly recommended. This game offers players thirty win lines to choose from and a five reel format which creates much more interaction for the player. The slot has several very involving bonus rounds that are themed around the slots bank robbery theme which is a lot of fun for player. The conclusion of the Joker 8000 pub slot is that it offers players a great chance to play a very simple game that is easy to understand and learn. The game has very simple visual and sound effects that present the slot in a simple and effective way.