The live Baccarat game gives players the chance to play the oldest known card game with the newest technology available from the comfort of their own home. The live version of the game places a camera inside a real casino and films a live dealer who interacts with the player as if they were sat right in front of them. This type of live feed is the latest form of online gambling that players can enjoy as it offers the best and most authentic playing experience possible. The live Baccarat game features a one on one contest between the player and the dealer which is a great head to head competition that players will love. The live Baccarat game is the oldest of all the known card games and has a heritage going back to the 15th century. The game was invented like the Roulette game to serve the French nobility and was hugely popular with this group of socialites’ elite. It was also widely reported that the game was invented by the Italians although this is a claim that the French firmly deny. The live Baccarat game was very popular in the casinos in Monte Carlo and had a reputation as being the game of choice for the richest casino players.

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The game was noticed by the Americans and by the casino boom in 1950 the game could be found in all of the American casinos in the most prominent of places. The reputation of the live Baccarat game as the game of choice for the richest of players continued to grow and the casino would dedicate large VIP areas to the game. There are records of hands being played for millions which is proof of the games huge popularity with this select circle of players. The live Baccarat game has three potential outcomes the player, tie or the banker. The game starts by the player being dealt with two cards face down, the player is then presented with the option of drawing a third card. The aim of the live Baccarat game is to get as close as possible the figure nine by adding the two or three cards together. The scoring system in the live Baccarat game works with the J, Q and K cards equaling 0 and the A equaling 1, all of the other cards in the game are worth face value. If the player receives an 8 or a 9 from the first two cards they immediately win and this is called a natural win.

The cards when they are added together work like the following examples as if a 6 and a 7 were added together then the hand would total 14 which is a total of 4. If the two cards were an 8 and a 7 then the total would be 15 which is 5 in live Baccarat. If the two cards were a 6 and a 6 then the total would be 12 which is a 2. The live Baccarat game is strictly a game of chance with no skill elements involved and therefore will appeal to players would want an exciting and suspense filled game. The live Baccarat game is totally dependent on players luck and players will enjoy the suspense filled atmosphere that this creates. The game is similar to the other live card game that is available, the live Blackjack game. The games both feature a one on one contest between the dealer and the player and a race to reach a certain card number combination. These two games are both available at all of the leading UK casino games providers with fair and excellent payout rates offered by all of the regulated casinos. Players can enjoy numerous different versions of the live Baccarat game that have been created throughout history at different locations and times.

The live Baccarat game is incredibly fast and players can play through several hands very quickly which means there is the potential for players to dramatically raise a prize fund. The games simple style can bore some player so if players are looking for a casino games UK that requires more tactical decisions then the Caribbean stud poker game would be a good option. The game features a five card draw and some complex winning hand combinations and different odd combinations to can reward the winner. The live Baccarat game does not feature all of the different complex combinations and tactical decisions like the Caribbean stud poker game. This fact will either appeal to players or put them off depending on their preference. The live Baccarat game is one of the simplest games available and this will appeal to players who want to enjoy a straight forward and easy playing format. The live Baccarat game can have numerous players sat around a table with the dealer but the game is only between the dealer and the player. There are no third parties involved in playing the game regardless of how many people are sat around the table.

The live Baccarat game is available for players to enjoy at all of the casinos recommended in this guide and players can expect a first class service from all of them. The casinos all have a first rate customer support department who are trained to be able to deal with any queries relating to the live Baccarat game. The department is available twenty four hours of the day and seven days of the week to help players with any queries they have about playing the live Baccarat game. The casino all have a range of other live games available that feature a live feed showing a real live dealer in action. The casinos all feature a range of table games and a huge selection of slot games that players can play and try to win money with. In conclusion the live Baccarat game offers players a unique playing experience as they can play an authentic casino experience from the comfort of their own home. The game is the oldest card game in the world and offers a very simple playing format that players wanting a fast game of chance will love.