The live Blackjack game is one of the most famous of all the casino games UK with a fantastic history dating back several hundred years. The game features a player in a one on one contest with the dealer where they have to race to form a hand of cards totaling the number twenty one. The live Blackjack game gives players an amazing chance to experience an incredibly authentic casino playing experience. The authenticity is achieved through linking the player from the comfort of their own home with a real dealer who is shown via a live feed in a real casino. This latest technology and innovative way of playing online is a reason why casino games UK are so hugely successful and have an army of satisfied fans. The live Blackjack game through the live feed works with a camera being placed on the dealer in the real casino and plays the sounds and movements he makes. The live Blackjack game can have a numerous amounts of players sat around the table but the game is always a one on one contest between the dealer and the player. The one on one contest always exists regardless of how many players there are around the table.

Play Live Blackjack

The live Blackjack game works by the dealer first dealing the player with two cards face down. The player with the objective of reaching the twenty one target without going over that number must then make a decision how to progress with their hand. The main two options available to players are to hit or stand, if they decide to hit they receive a further card and to stand means they remain with two cards. The value of the different cards in the deck are that the J, Q and K all equal 10 and the A equaling 1 or 11. The dealer in the live Blackjack game also receives two cards and has the same options available to them as the player in the quest to reach the twenty one target. If either the player or the dealer goes over the twenty one figure then they instantly go bust and lose the live Blackjack game. There are three other options that are only available to the player in the live Blackjack game that gives them a slight advantage. These options are to surrender, double or split which all present different advantages to players.

The first option is to surrender and this can only be used in the live Blackjack game if the player is very unhappy with their hand and they retire with the penalty of losing half their stake. The second option is to double where the player is really happy with their first two cards and can double to the stake therefore doubling their potential return. The double option can only be selected if players are committing to drawing a third card and turning over to see who wins with three cards. The final option in the live Blackjack game is the split option where players have the chance if they have two cards that are the same to split the deck. This split option results in the player playing through the game with two hands active which is a great option for players. The live Blackjack games rules and playing system is very simple and this creates a fun playing environment because of its direct tactical battle between a player and dealer. The live Blackjack game is available for players to try at the excellent Party Casino that offers players a safe and secure playing environment.

The casino also includes a variety of other games including the live Baccarat game which offers player a very similar game to the live Blackjack title. The baccarat game features a fantastic chance to battle the dealer in a one on one contest and in a similar style as the live Blackjack game as a small amount of cards are played with. The objective of the two games differs slightly and this is the main difference between the two card games. These two games are both available through the live casino format which features a live feed and conveys to the player the feeling they are in a real land based casino. The visual and the sound effects that are used to deliver this to players are fantastic as they show a crystal clear feed. The feed runs very smoothly and looks fantastic on the screen to players and to maintain the excellent quality players should ensure they have a good internet connection. The simple format of the live Blackjack game means that there are not many strategies and tactics that the player can employee. The main strategy that players can use in the live Blackjack game is one of rational thinking where they rationally think through all of their decisions.

If the player employs the rational thinking approach then they stand to do well in the live Blackjack game which allows players to quickly and aggressively raise their prize fund. The return on each hand in the live Blackjack game is 2 – 1 which presents players with a great chance of finishing the playing session with a good prize fund. The games history can be traced back to the 17th century where it was invented by either the Spanish or the French and has evolved from this to become hugely popular. The live Blackjack game uses the latest technology for players to enjoy an old classic game with a very modern twist. The overall conclusion of the live Blackjack game is that players from the comfort of their own home can watch a live feed and enjoy a high level of interaction which is a factor that players will love. The game offer players a very simple set of rules and tactical interaction which is perfect for players wanting a simple but still a very exciting and potentially lucrative game. The final highlight of the game is that it offers players a one on one contest with the dealer which is a very exciting prospect for players.