The Mega Fortune slot game is one of the most potentially lucrative and popular UK casino games on the market. The slot game is a fine example of a casino games UK as it offers players an excellent chance to play a fun themed game with excellent playability and great graphics. The theme of the Mega Fortune game is one of high lifestyle living where the player is surrounded with high end luxury goods. The luxury theme in the Mega Fortune game is a lot of fun and players will really enjoy being surrounded by an amazing lifestyle. The reason that players choose to play a casino slot game is to try and win money to become rich so this game gives players the ideal chance to do this. The game with its luxury theme will appeal to players who enjoy the high life and imagine themselves as being suited to owning a supercar and power yacht. The Mega Fortune game completely immerses players in this high living lifestyle which is a lot fun for players who want to live like this. The fun theme is highly enjoyable but if players would like to try a game based on a hit television series they should try the brilliant Deal or no Deal slot game.

The Mega Fortune slot is designed by the software company Net Entertainment who has been responsible for many classic titles. The Net Entertainment Company is most famous for the quality of their games visual and sound effects as they always insure that their games look fantastic. The Mega Fortune slot lives up to this reputation as it has a great background, symbols and title text. The background of the slot is a screenshot of a luxury city and docks with palm trees, sky scrapers and luxury boats featured. The background uses dull colours cleverly to allow the symbols to stand out on the screen. The symbols in the Mega Fortune game are different themed luxury items including a stack of money, brandy and a cigar, champagne, a luxury ring, a limo, power boat and the bonus wheel. The game also includes the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A symbols that are all presented to players inside a luxury ring which is a great effect. The symbols in Mega Fortune game are all brightly coloured with excellent animation allowing them to be a visual highlight of the slot. The title text in the game is a silver coloured font which nicely creates a feeling of wealth and luxury.

The combination of the background, symbols and title text in the Mega Fortune game works perfectly well in creating a very visually appealing slot. The next important part of the slot games physical appearance to the player is the sound effects that are played as these are a key component for players. The sounds used in the Mega Fortune game are very upbeat and classy tunes that are in keeping with the games fun high lifestyle theme. The different winning line combinations in the game all have their own unique sound effect that is played to signify the line has been activated. The games bonus rounds all have their own unique sound effect that is played to add to a player’s enjoyment of the game. The most important part of the Mega Fortune games performance is the game play that’s offered to players. The game play consists of the bonus rounds and the slots format as these two elements control the games playability. The format of the Mega Fortune game is a five reel and twenty five win line game allowing players a good amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The game as well as having numerous bonuses up for grabs has three fantastic progressive jackpots.

The first of the bonuses available to players in the Mega Fortune game is the substitute bonus which is represented by the boat symbol. The boat symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board with the exception of the bonus wheel or the scatter symbol to create a winning line combination. The boat symbol has the power to drastically raise players winning chances so is a great symbol for players to spin into the reels. The next bonus in the Mega Fortune game for players to aim for is the scatter bonus which is represented by the champagne bottle. The player must spin in three of these symbols to the screen to unlock the bonus which is a fifteen free spins paid on a multiplier. The scatter bonus in the Mega Fortune slot can prove incredibly lucrative as players can dramatically raise their winning fund through the free spins. One of the other slot games that offer equally good bonuses is the excellent Robin Hood slot which is also from Net Entertainment. The main bonus feature in the Mega Fortune game is the progressive jackpot feature which presents players with the chance to win life changing sums of money.

The progressive jackpot feature in the Mega Fortune game is activated when the player spins in three of the bonus wheel symbols to the screen at once. The players when they do this activate the feature and are taken into a new screen and presented with a large spinning wheel. The large spinning wheel has three different internal sections to it where the player can spin through to try and reach innermost circle. The different circles represent the three different progressive jackpots that can be won in the Mega Fortune game. These jackpots vary greatly in winning amounts and players will try to aim for the largest one which has been known to reach over ten million. The progressive jackpot feature is a great part of the Mega Fortune game and players will really enjoy the challenge that it offers as the wheel spins. In conclusion of the Mega Fortune game it offers players a fantastic fun high lifestyle theme which is presented with fantastic visual and sound effects. The slots game play is excellent as it has numerous great bonus rounds as well as a fantastic progressive jackpot feature.