The Mega Moolah slot is one of the most popular and successful online casino games UK of all time with an army of very satisfied players having enjoyed the game over the years. The game was first created in 2004 and still to this day has as many players as when it was first realized. This high continued player number confirms its status as one of the highest performing games of all time. The Mega Moolah slot game has an exciting theme based in Africa and transports players on an exciting Safari across the beautiful plains. The African Safari is a dream holiday and one that many players can only dream off so this excellent slot game gives players the opportunity to enjoy a dream fantasy holiday. The player on their trip across Africa in the back of a jeep in the Mega Moolah game will come across many different animals. The animals that players will find are the monkey, gazelle, buffalo, lion, elephants and zebras which make the Mega Moolah game a perfect choice for animal lovers. The theme is an exciting one that players will really enjoy but if players feel like a different theme then the Fruit Party game offers a much simpler concept.

The visual and sound effects that are used to deliver the games animal theme to players in the Mega Moolah slot are excellent as they offer players a very authentic and absorbing experience. The visual effects in the game include the slots background, symbols and the title text. The background of the Mega Moolah game is a shot of an open field with a large African tree placed in the middle of the field looking superb. The symbols that are used in the game are the different animals that players can see on the safari. These themed symbols are all detailed in cartoon animation with a fun style that looks excellent on the screen. The traditional symbols used in the game include the 10, J, Q, K and A which are all displayed in bright colours in an attractive style. The title text used in the Mega Moolah game is presented in red and green colours and looks excellent as it stands out very well on the screen. The combination of the background, symbols and title text in the Mega Moolah game works brilliantly to create a very attractive looking slot game. The visual effects are very similar to the quality of those used in the Mega Fortune game.

The sound effects in the Mega Moolah game accurately deliver the games theme to players as they consist of the winds whistling over the African plains. The various winning line combinations and bonus rounds in the Mega Moolah game are all greeted with unique sound effects that are played to add value to the player’s experience. The game play of the Mega Moolah game is excellent as the slot is a progressive jackpot machine that gives players the chance to win a life changing sum of money. The format of the game is a five reel and twenty five win line slot which gives players the chance to select how many win lines they want to play with. The more win lines that the player spins the reel with means the more chance they have of winning and it also means the more expensive the spin of the reels is. The overall aim of the Mega Moolah game is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols up across the reels. The more symbols that are lined up means the more money a player wins and the different symbols all equal differing paying amounts.
The bonus rounds that are up for grabs in the Mega Moolah game include the wild bonus, gamble, the scatter and the progressive jackpot feature. The wild bonus in the game is represented by the lion symbol which has the power to swap with other symbols to create a winning line. Any winning line in the Mega Moolah game with a lion in is automatically doubled. The next bonus is the scatter feature which is represented by the monkey symbol where the player must spin in three of monkey symbols to activate the feature. The scatter feature when activated is fifteen free spins which pay the player at a multiplier of three making it an extremely lucrative feature. The next bonus in the Mega Moolah game is the gamble feature which presents players with the chance to double or lose their prize fund on a fifty / fifty chance bet. The final feature in the Mega Moolah game is the most popular and famous of them all as it is the potentially life changing progressive jackpot. The feature a completely random one where players after a winning or losing spin can be transported to a new screen signifying the feature has been activated.

The progressive jackpot screen in the Mega Moolah game features a spinning wheel that players have to stop in order to win one of the three jackpots. The three jackpots are constantly displayed to players at the top of the main screen throughout the game as an incentive for players. The player can press the stop button and the wheel will slowly stop on one of three jackpots which awards players with the huge winnings. The four different bonuses offered in the Mega Moolah slot create a very entertaining game that can be extremely lucrative if players play wisely. The bonuses on offer are very similar to those available in the Deal or no Deal game as they present players with some great winning opportunities. In conclusion the Mega Moolah slot game offers players an exciting fun theme that offers them the chance to disappear off to Africa on an exciting adventure. The Mega Moolah game has outstanding visual and sound effects that manage to deliver the games fun theme to players brilliantly. The combination of the excellent theme, visual and sound effects as well as the brilliant game play makes a great slot game.