The Robin Hood slot game is one of the software company Net Entertainment’s top performing games and is hugely popular with players from around the world. The game is themed on the hugely famous and popular Robin Hood character who is a fictional star portrayed in many books and films. The character was an outlaw in medieval times that lived in the forest with his band of men and stole from the rich people to give to the poor. Robin Hood is a famous figure in the fight for good against evil and was a famous crusader against an evil king. The slot game follows the traditional story and features many fantastic characters like maid Marion and Friar Tuck who were both close allies of Robin Hood. There have been two very famous film made within the last twenty years featuring this famous character and his adventures in his Sherwood Forest home. These films have increased his notoriety massively and players will love the chance to play a game based on such a famous hero. If players would like to play another game based on a movie character then the Hitman slot game is a great option.

The visual and sound effects that are used to deliver the Robin Hood game to players are of the highest possible standard as they really accurately immerse the player in the medieval adventure. The style of the animation is very stylish and visually appealing and players will really love the different visual elements. The first of the visual elements of the Robin Hood game is the background that is used as it is a leafy animated drawing of a forest where Robin would live. The leaves and the whole of the background is a yellow and green colour with looks great on the screen. The next visual element of the Robin Hood slot is the symbols that are used as they display five themed characters and there is also a sack of gold symbol. The five characters include Robin, Maid Marion, a knight, friar tuck and little john and all animated in fantastic cartoon style that players will love. The title text of the Robin Hood game is written in italic script font that will remind players of the medieval times which is in keeping with the games theme. The three different visual elements of the slot look fantastic on the screen as they combine to create a great looking game.

The sound effects of the Robin Hood game feature an upbeat band playing a medieval tune which enhances the games delivery of the theme. The various winning line combinations in the game all play their own individual sound effects which sound fantastic as they feature medieval trumpets playing. One of the highlights of the Robin Hood game is the opening sequence that is played when players load the game. This sequence includes a short 3D animated film showing Robin Hood and his men stealing a bag of gold from the king’s knights. The sequence is very exciting and action packed and players will love the effects that are used to display this to players. The combination of the sound and visual effects make the slot game highly attractive and delivers the games theme to players. The most important part of the slot games performance is the game play that it offers players as this controls how easily they can win when they play the game. The format of the Robin Hood game is a five reel and twenty win line game which gives players the chance to select playing with between one and twenty win lines active.

The more win lines that the player chooses to play the game with means the more expensive the spin of the reels is. The less win lines that the player spins the reels with means the cheaper the spin is and the less chance the player has of winning. The player in the Robin Hood game needs to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across the win line to create a winning line combination. The different symbols all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the pay table. The Robin Hood game includes a shifting reel bonus which means that when the player lines up a winning combination the reels shift the right allowing an additional chance to win. If player manages to win on a shift the winnings are paid out of a multiplier which is an excellent feature. The Robin Hood logo symbol acts as the wild symbol and can swap with other symbols on the board to create a winning line combination. The free spins bonus in the Robin Hood game works by the player collecting four of the money bag symbol’s during the course of a playing session to activate the potentially very lucrative free spins bonus.
The player during the free spins are shown another nominated symbol which acts as an additional wild symbol during the spins. If during the spins the free spins symbol appears then the player is awarded additional free spins making it an excellent feature of the Robin Hood game. The combination of the wild substituting bonus and the free spins make the game potentially very lucrative and highly enjoyable. The unique part of the Robin Hood slot is the shifting reels bonus that is not found in many other games and allows players a great chance for additional winnings. If players would prefer a much simpler game without any complex bonus rounds then the Joker 8000 is a great choice for players. In conclusion the Robin Hood game offers players the chance to play with one of the most famous fictional hero’s of all time. Robin Hood is renowned for being a hero and having hugely exciting adventures so players will love the chance to play a slot based on him. This casino games UK graphics and sound effects are of the highest possible standard and are a similar high quality as the excellent Mega Moolah slot.