The brilliant Spiderman slot is themed and designed on the world famous Marvel comics featuring a young man with superhuman powers. The slot is by far one of the most popular and successful games on the market and has a large number of fans playing from all over the world. The Spiderman comics told the story of a young reporter called Peter Parker who gets bitten by a spider and develops unnatural powers. The Peter Parker character decides to use these powers to help people in need and designs a special red outfit to help keep his identity hidden. This Spiderman character embarks on some amazing adventures that the slot game recreates brilliantly as it features all of the main characters from the comic books. The characters featured in the game include the Venom, the evil villain, and Mary Jane who is Spiderman’s love interest. The Spiderman comic book series has had huge exposure and has been made into a popular movie trilogy confirming its status as the most successful of all the comic books. The Spiderman game can be enjoyed at the Party Casino which offers players a superb and safe place to enjoy the excellent slot game.

The Spiderman slot is delivered to players through excellent visual and sound effects which accurately recreate the comic book star on the screen. The slots visual appearance is fantastic as it uses Marvel comic book style animation with great success. The background of the screen is an animated drawing of a city showing helicopters flying overhead and sky scrapers rising up. The colour scheme of the background is very clever as it constantly changes showing different times of the day which is a great effect. The symbols that are used in the Spiderman game show different characters and famous items related to the comics, they include the Venom, Mary-Jane, and Spiderman, newspaper, camera and logo. The symbols are displayed in bright and very sharp colours with great comic book style animation that looks great. The title text used in the Spiderman game is taken from the comics and is instantly recognizable to the famous Marvel comic books. The combination of the different visual effects looks fantastic on the screen and competes with the excellent effects used in the Robin Hood game. The sound effects that are used in this casino games UK are of the same high standard as the brilliant visual effects.

The sounds that are played in the Spiderman game are instantly recognizable to the brilliant film adaptation of the comic books. The different winning line combinations in the Spiderman game all play their own individual sound effect that is excellent additional feature of the game. The games different bonuses also have their own sound effect that is played to signify that they have been triggered. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Spiderman game create an award winning end result as the game looks and sounds brilliant. The game play that is on offer to players allows them an excellent and potentially very lucrative playing experience. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty five win line set up which allows the player lots of flexibility over their win line selection. The overall aim of the game is to line up five of the same symbols from the left to the right across a win line. The different symbols all pay out a different amount to the player and these can be seen in the game pay table. The first of the bonuses up for grabs in the Spiderman game is the substitute bonus which is represented by the Spiderman character symbol.

The Spiderman symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol to create a winning line combination and drastically increase players winning chances. The next bonus is called the spider web bonus and this occurs when the Spiderman symbol appears in both the second and forth reel. The winning line is then created with the symbol from the third reel which makes this bonus very profitable for players. The next bonus in the Spiderman game is the scatter feature which can be activated by the player managing to spin in three of the logo symbols to the screen. This activates the bonus where the player has to choose from two different bonuses either the fifteen free spins bonus or the find venom feature. The find venom bonus round is an incredibly exciting feature that can be hugely lucrative and enjoyable for players. The bonus works by the player taking on the role of Spiderman chasing the venom who has captured Mary Jane around the streets trying to rescue her. The bonus has several different possible outcomes these are that the player could run into a dead end, captures some random criminals or fights the venom.

If the player runs into the dead end they are awarded a consolation prize and if the player captures the random criminals they are awarded a random prize. The best outcome for players is if they manage to find the venom and defeat him in a fight as they are then awarded a massive bonus payment. The combination of the bonuses in the Spiderman game makes it a potentially hugely lucrative game where players can win big prizes. One of the other slot games with excellent bonuses is the brilliant Hellboy game which has some fantastic bonuses up for grabs. In conclusion the Spiderman game offers players a brilliant chance to win some excellent prizes whilst playing as one of the most famous superhero characters of all time. The Spiderman slot is presented in brilliant visual and sound effects which look fantastic on the screen as they accurately recreate the comic books design. The game play of the Spiderman slot is excellent as it presents players with some unique and very entertaining bonuses that can really boost their prize fund. The capture venom bonus round includes some stunning and very stylish visual effects that players will find very entertaining.